FSI 2018

For the 16th year in a row, FSI asked us to design and execute their annual conference. This year's event was in Orlando at the Hyatt Regency. To create an economical yet impactful look, we went with a "Portrait" screen scenario. The digital projection backdrop allowed for each session to have it's own [...]

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TD Elite 2018

TD Ameritrade's Elite event took place in Colorado Springs at The BroadMoor. Custom scenic elements with projection mapping showed that old school theatrics and new technology can work side by side. We hid the built in stage in the International Center and brought our own angled approach. 600 Attendees Keynote [...]

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GEOINT was back in Tampa at the convention center for 2018. Low ceilings dictate a creative approach for delivering dynamic messaging. Custom borderless screens were used to create a wall to wall digital canvas. Our crew is always excited for this event as the topics are incredibly technical like the TCREW. [...]

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The encore performance of the #UNSTOPPABLE tour took place in Seattle at the WAMU theater. T-Mobile had 5,000 employees experience what the rest of their team across the nation saw on the tour. Media servers controlled incredible content that was displayed on an angled 2.8mm LED surface. Three LED repeater screens were brought [...]

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TMO Sales Tour 2018

The T-Mobile #UNSTOPPABLE tour hit six cities in a 2 month span of time. With audience sizes between 1,800-2,500. The design incorporated a 2.8mm LED display that was angled behind the stage to compliment our wedge stage. In each city, the crew had only one day to load the event in. In some [...]

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TMO WC 2018

Once again, T-Mobile looked to the TCREW to design and execute a celebration for their team members. The 2018 Winner's Circle event was at the Aria in Las Vegas, NV. A curved widescreen projection surface played well with our circular stage. The room was transformed into a magenta emersion. 1,800 Attendees [...]

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TD National 2018

TD Ameritrade tapped TI again to help design and execute their annual national LINC conference. The one element that they really wanted was a stage that rotated for creative scene reveals.  So we anchored the concept on a center circular stage that had a 30' turntable. Old school carpentry created our angled surface [...]

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Dart 2017

Dart Enterprises down in the Grand Cayman invited us to the island to assist with an inaugural event. A simple clean solution with flawless execution was exactly what they needed. We're looking forward to visiting the island in the upcoming years. 250 Attendees Keynote & General Session Digital print [...]

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SAG 2017

SAG needed an economical but impactful solution for their meeting. A digital print light box solution provided just that. A couple of projection screens flanked the brightly branded backdrop. 400 Attendees Keynote & General Session Light Box Scenic Software Industry [...]

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