In addition to designing 16:9 presentations, we have been developing widescreen and organic content for over 12 years. Our designs and equipment are always changing to keep up with larger screens and resolutions and what can be handled by the latest video systems such as Encore or Spyder.

We like to work hand-in-hand with our clients in the development of these shows because there are many factors that impact the right approach to design such as size of the viewing screen, number of projectors and blends and multi verse single head output.

The greatest part of a widescreen show is that the graphics can act as an amazing scenic tool. Our programs allow clients to change the mood, look and feel in a room with the press of a key. Our approach to widescreen is very unique. We work hand and hand with our client and the staging vendor to assure that all media is designed and developed in native resolution. This assures that the graphics and content are the highest quality when they hit the screen.