All of our productions start with an event needs assessment. This helps us develop a production plan on how to make the greatest impact while communicating your message.

Next our creative and technical staff meets to develop a written proposal. This proposal will include all staging and room diagrams as well as equipment needs.

We then enter the production stage where we construct sets, assist in your digital content development and help coordinate with you and your venue.

After all pre-production we move your event to your venue, installing sets, gear and assisting you in rehearsals and setup. We also staff the event with highly technical crew members who assist in the setup and running of your show. Each of our technicians are experts and have been trained in many areas of a show.

Our success in this industry comes from allowing you to be a part of your production and welcoming your input in our development process. We realize we are in the business where things change and our quick reaction and creativity has enabled all our events to be a great success.